Neighborhood Planning Conference

Date: April 15th, 2006
Time: 9:00 am
Location: City Hall


The Event

Final Plenary Presentation
by Dr. Patricia A. Wilson, Professor
Graduate Program in Community and Regional Planning

Highlights of the Workshop
April 15, 2006 Workshop on Neighborhood Planning

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The Next Steps Workshop produced concrete results. A shared sense of
purpose was clearly articulated: The purpose of neighborhood planning is
to incorporate, represent, and balance the different views and interests of
various stakeholders and to generate and implement a vision for a
sustainable future that enhances the neighborhoods and the quality of life
of their residents. A broad-based desire for a collaborative relationship
between the City and the neighborhoods was expressed, with shared
responsibility for the quality and implementation of plans. A clear
mandate for specific changes emerged from the workshop: to create
neighborhood planning teams early in the process to ensure
representative outreach, participation, and decision-making throughout;
to provide ongoing civic education and training for participants; to use
neutral facilitators and mediators; and to give neighborhood plans more
clout through implementation and enforcement.

Now it is up to the participants and their organizations to follow through--
the neighborhood associations, the neighborhood contact teams, Austin
Neighborhoods Council, the City's Neighborhood Planning and ZoningDepartment, the Planning Commission, the Commission's neighborhood
planning committee, and City Council. The responsibility for action is
shared. The sooner that action is taken the more the participants will see
that their efforts were worthwhile.

For our part at the Graduate Program in Community and Regional
Planning at the University of Texas, we will be happy to play a continuing
role in bringing together the diverse actors in neighborhood planning and
Austin's development as a whole and providing research and technical
assistance on emerging issues and trends.



Understanding Ten Years of Neighborhood Planning in Austin: Findings and Lessons Learned (complete report)

Desired Relationship between City and Neighborhoods

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Updated: April 25, 2006
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