2007 Neighborhood Planning Conference

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2006 Conference Information

Final Plenary Presentation
by Dr. Patricia A. Wilson, Professor
Graduate Program in Community and Regional Planning

Highlights of the Workshop
April 15, 2006 Workshop on Neighborhood Planning

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“The 2007 Neighborhood Planning Conference schedule has depth and ambition, folks will want to attend every session. Let's work together to get neighborhood coverage of the workshops. I would like all of our Neighborhood Association leadership to attend, (8 RNA officers) in order to get saturation and to share knowledge. In addition to the Lunch session, make the last session where people network to collectively implement meaningful action. Deep thanks to each of you for this pioneering event.”
- Martha Ward
Main Speakers Scheduled for the May 5, 2007 conference:

Jerry Schultz:
Community Building

Jim Diers:
Neighborhood Government - Neighborhood/Sector Planning Units and issues related to Community Capacity Building

Susan Hill:
Neighborhood Leadership Training, Process and Structure

The conference will consist of the following eight tracks: Each track will have 5 workshops associated with it:

1) Jerry Schultz: Community Capacity Building

2) Jim Diers: Governmental/Structural Capacity Building

3) Neighborhood's Relationships with Governments

4) TNT and Susan Hill: Boot Camp

5) Neighborhood Environment

6) Neighborhood Transportation and Economic Development

7) Neighborhood Communications

8) Neighborhood Planning Vision

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Updated: May 4, 2007